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Freezer Distrubution 

Grab- N- Go Packs

Authorized Dippin' Dots Ice Cream distributor of our "Grab-N-Go" Impulse Program

Serving convenience stores, recreation events, hotels, schools, tourist destinations, and just about anywhere ice cream is sold! 

We provide small chest freezers that are wrapped in colorful Dippin' Dots Ice Cream graphics at NO CHARGE (See images below).

- Low power consumption: Only 1 Amp at 110Volts

- Promotional signage and posters provided

- Product delivered either direct to sales location or by drop shipment

Extremely strong brand awareness with limited points of sale

You can be one of the first in your area to sell Dippin' Dots Ice Cream!

Top Selling Flavors:

Rainbow Ice

Banana Split

Cotton Candy

Cookies n' Cream

Cookie Dough


*Limited flavors of "Yogurt Dots" also available

Freezer Dimensions

5 Cubic Feet

33.25" H

28.5" D

28.5" W

1 Amp at 110 Volts

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